HappyFeet Soccer NOVA 

Club Leagues
Our seasonal weekend leagues provide the perfect opportunity to learn and practice skills in a game setting. Each weekend, our professional coaches work the field with your kiddos as family members cheer from the sidelines. The League Program contains all the elements and fundamentals of the Happy Feet curriculum, to help further advance your own child’s soccer skills as they progress from the 2's - 3's Program all the way through the Legends Program.

All programs are age-appropriate to ensure that kids not only have fun, but also learn all kinds of skills along the way. This is a great way for parents and even grandparents to enjoy the league just as much as the kids do!
Belmont Country Club
HappyFeet Soccer @ Belmont Country Club offers programs for children ages 2 years - 8 years. Our curriculum focuses immensely on individual skill development to build creative players. We use age appropriate , play-to-learn concepts such as songs, games, and adventures to meet children where they are developmentally and emotionally. In our league program, children will learn the skill of the week in a play-based HappyFeet mini class then apply that skill in a game setting to learn how to use the deceptive dribbling skills on the go rather than taking turns and waiting in line. Once you try soccer the HappyFeet way, you'll never go back to conventional soccer ever again!
Prince William Soccer, Inc
HappyFeet 2's - 3's are introduced to foundational concepts, deceptive dribbling skills, and self-expression. With each child having a soccer ball for the entirety of the session, we are able to maximize touches on the ball and introduce skills that are an amazing foundation in the sport of soccer while providing continued development in the gross motor skills, balance, and coordination. Children will be encouraged to move a little faster if they can, but only at their own pace!