HappyFeet Soccer NOVA 


Parent Resources

In addition to our ongoing parent education, we've listed a few resources that your family may find helpful or entertaining or both!

Parent Communication

We firmly believe that in order to foster and retain development, it is important that we keep parents in the loop with what is happening in their child's session to connect with your little one at home about their soccer day. Our updates include:

Monthly Curriculum Guides via email, social media, and the app to provide an overview of the Big Idea of the Month & Skill Progressions. This guide includes "how-to" videos to view and homework cards to download so you can connect with your little one at home!

Weekly Lesson Plans that provide specific insight into what your child learned during their soccer day and HOW they learned it!

Individual Skill Reports for your child's development, specifically.  This can be accessed via app, in your child's profile.  Each skill will have a mark next to it once it's mastered, with a video to go along with it!